Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Website crash course...

Wow, I'm beginning to see why people pay someone to set up their websites -- there's a lot of work in it! LOL
I do believe it is meant to be a work in progress (kinda like housework -- it's never really FINISHED). That's a good thing though because you always have the chance to add to it and improve upon it.
Keep checking in on how it's coming along. I realize that I'm going to have to eventually learn HTML and set it up how I REALLY want, but for now I think I've got it to the point I can start adding more products to it. :)



  1. Kat:
    Why aren't the images coming up on your new web site? You have to click on them and then they take you to your Etsy site, which is clever, by the way, but they aren't showing on web. The lapel pins work correctly.

    I do web sites off and on. If you need any advice, please ask.

  2. Hey, Jeanne! Thanks for working with me on thie today! It seems that IE 7 doesn't like it being linked to Etsy for some reason. I added a notation to the homepage referencing browsers that allow the pictures to load properly. I'm going to try updating my IE and see if it works right then...I never use IE but it will be interesting to see if that fixes things. Thanks again! Your input was very helpful!

  3. I forgot to post on this thread that the IE image load issue has been resolved! :)

    Shopping cart features have also been added.


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