Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blissful Garden Beads April Earring Challenge

I had the immense pleasure of being allowed to participate in Heather's Bead Challenge this month! Today was the much awaited Reveal of all the entries. I tell ya, I had always looked at challenges such as this and just shuddered at the thought of the pressure of coming up with a nice design to submit.  I took the plunge in March for the necklace challenge then could not WAIT till the next one in April!  One thing I have noticed is that this type of event design FORCES one to think outside the box.  I've never really considered myself a "creative" person, but I'm finding that if I ALLOW myself to be, I can be!  How fun is that?  Took me till past the age of 40 to come to realize that, but I am really having fun, when time permits, creating!  And these challenges are just the ticket for my Muse to make an appearance!

The beads I received were randomly selected.  I had no idea what I was going to be working with till I received them.  I love ALL of her beads so it is always a joy to open the parcel -- just like Christmas!  The beads were a deep red with white daisy's and tiny pink rose buds.  I let the ideas tumble around in my head for a few days.  Suddenly one afternoon a design popped in my head!  I grabbed a pencil and paper and quickly sketched out a rudimentary pictorial representation of what my creative mind was trying to communicate to me.  A couple or three tries with wire and tools and I decided on the direction to go with it.  I wanted something different than I had done in the past.  After all, this is an exercise in stretching and thinking outside the box, right?  I raided my Swarovski crystal stash and found some sweet clear crystal rounded bicones that worked perfectly!  The way they catch the light was exactly what I was hoping for!  I then found the Siam bicones for the dangles.  The frames and ear-wires are made of copper then oxidized and polished to add dimension.  They are amazingly comfortable to wear and SO much fun with all the easy movement!  Not at all as heavy as they appear, either.  So, that is a little background behind the process of these earrings.

If you have a moment, I'd truly appreciate your dropping by Heather's Blissful Garden Beads blog and taking a peek at my earring submission. If you choose to vote for my earrings, I would be so greatful!
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It just so happened that I had a set of the same beads as the earring challenge beads I received, so I made a simple necklace to go with the earrings.  I made a simple single drop pendant and hung it from a loooooong chain...Long enough to slip over my head.  I also learned that if you tie a knot in the chain, it gives it a completely different look!  FUN STUFF! =)

I appreciate your time in reading and voting!  I would love to hear back from you all!

Have a fabulous day!