Monday, October 26, 2009

Preparation -- busy busy!

Here I go again -- seemingly silent on the blogosphere. But, don't you worry! I've been busy, busy, busy over here!

Not only is our day job business picking up (slowly but I think I can, I think I can assuredly!) but I have been scurrying about preparing for the upcoming events! All the research and purchases along the way in preparation of doing events seems to be coming together quite nicely. I had purchased the banner, canopy and door/walls back in the summer (made sure and got the commercial vented top canopy I REALLY wanted rather than what was at the local hardware store); we made the canopy leg weights from PVC pipe caps and rope; found some nice black, vinyl top, fold in half, folding tables at Walgreens (via a lady in the table aisle in Sam's no less LOL); made the table skirting and found some lace for table runners; AND scored some glass blocks and folding chairs from freecycle ( to find your local branch); then got a black shelf for it; signed up for a merchant account so I can accept credit card payments...LOTS OF PREPARATION! Not to mention working on inventory to fill the tables! LOL! I had ordered an old fashion type knuckle buster credit card imprinter (nice one that even takes a 5 line name plate) so that I could give the customer a receipt and have record of their information and signature to prevent back-charges but there was a little hiccup that occurred which had to be remedied (ordered online and the company failed to catch that I had ordered long slips with a short slip machine -- lovely), but that is in the process of being resolved. AND the credit card swipe machine has been shipped and will be here in plenty of time for the first show! Now, if I can get wireless internet with the laptop we will be in business - literally!

Of course there are always the last minute things to take care of, but I think this is probably the first time in my life that I have prepared enough in advance that if there ARE any other hiccups they should be minor (KNOCK ON WOOD!!!!!!!! LOL).

Here is a pic of the practice setup of the booth...

I have already made some adjustments to it: I took a VERY nice suggestion from a fellow local wire wrap jewelry artisan for adding more interest and functionality to the display by adding a shelf supported by glass blocks -- turned out fabulous! And I finished the lace table runners to go across both tables and the new shelf. I am VERY pleased with how it is coming together! I will update this post with a new pic when we do the first event and have everything set up. :)

So, as you can see, things have been quite busy over here - in stark contrast to the crickets and silence. LOL

Be sure to keep up to date on scheduled events by regularly checking the Event Calendar on our website. We have several weeks of events scheduled and would love to have you pop over to say hey and maybe even find something you just can't live without!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Dragonfly Lapel Pin work in progress

I thought it would be neat to share the journey in progress in photo format of how the Dragonfly Lapel Pin came to be.
I hope you enjoy seeing the progress!

The pieces for the body and wings were measured and cut of sterling wire.

The wire ends of the body at the head were balled which will later become antenna...wings were soldered on.
Now that everything is assembled, pickled, finished out and polished, time to begin weaving!

First wing finished and moving on to the body...Antenna formed into shape.
The second wing went MUCH quicker...WHEW!
You probably wouldn't believe how much wire was actually used in this little guy!

Perched upon a shell rose...A lovely place to rest after all that work!