Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cabochon Destash!

Hey there!  I have been going through my cabs and even surprised myself how many I've accumulated.  As painful as it may be for me to turn loose of these beauties, it is not fair to them to keep them locked up in a box. *sniff*  They deserve to be put to good use!  I purchased these when we were doing all wire wrapping and our product line has taken a fun detour to Silver and Metalsmithing!  They are beveled rather than domed and work well for wire wrapping.

They have all been hand cut and cabbed by fellow wire wrapping lapidarist Marie Frazier of Superior Agates.  She does a great job with quality stones and achieves a nice high polish!  Lots of fun free-form shapes to let your muse run wild with!

$5 each plus $2 shipping (combined shipping allowed)

To claim, simply comment "Mine" on the pic in the folder and I will send you a PM with a total and PayPal information.

Feel free to share the link to all your wire wrapping friends.

Thanks for looking!

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