Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Anybody seen Kat lately??

I know, I know...I've been way tooooooooooooo quiet over here, haven't I?

It seems I've been sucked into a black hole the past week! But, never fear, I've been around -- working on the new website. Thanks to a few folks offering their feedback and tech support I think we're getting closer to where I want to be! Although, there may be a big hurdle (said learning something new LOL) to clear soon with learning HTML and such...I'm all for learning something new...Learning it while having a day job - that makes it a little more interesting. LOL We'll get there though and learn a few things on the way!

A quick update - Thanks to tech support the IE issue (images not loading properly) has been resolved! :)

Feel free to pop over and have a look http://katscustomkreations.com/


  1. I looked at your web site. It is coming along now that the IE issue is fixed. May I ask what it was?


  2. Hey, Jeanne!
    Thanks for keeping me in mind!
    Yes, the IE issues have been fixed -- YIPPEEEEEE!!!!!!! I am not sure what was wrong exactly, but it was more than the instant chat tech support could handle so they sent it on to their engineers to figure it out. It took a couple of days but they got it! I'm glad I got them involved before I had EVERYTHING on there…Once they got everything hammered out on their end I had to delete all the pictures that weren’t loading right and re-upload them...which was all but 3 LOL Now it is a matter of getting buttons built and inserted...Oh, the PayPal buttons – those were a whole OTHER issue...but that's been resolved as well. I had to go a few layers deep into tech support for that too. I think everyone learned something from my little site…LOLOL
    It is nice to find out how good the tech support is when you need them! :)


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