Thursday, April 9, 2009

What's more fun than a box of rocks...?

...DIGGING through a box of rocks!

We stopped in at a vendors market today that someone was telling me about the other day...Come to find out it had been going since at least November and their last day to be open is April 30th...I guess we need to leave the house more often!

There were a couple dozen tables set up that ranged anywhere from produce stand to personalized candy and stuff to candles and artwork and jewelry. We stopped at one table that had some sterling and stones and a tub of polished stones. I am like a kid in a candy store digging and digging! I picked out some and happily sauntered away with our little bag of goodies!

I asked her to write down what the names were so I could look them up to identify later: Lace Agate; Fancy Jasper; Red Moss Agate; Ocean Jasper; Lake Superior Agate; Brazilian Agate; Turrella Agate; Montana Agate...and one "mystery stone". LOL If you can find and identify it, let me know! :)

These should make some great pendants! What fun!

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