Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend projects...

I had a quiet morning this morning so I thought I would wrap up a couple of projects I've had lurking around my soldering/tumbling station!

This first pin is one of my Swirling Energy Chakra series. It is made of balled sterling silver wire, soldered construction and has been tumbled to a high polish. The design is a modified Celtic symbol called the Spiral of Life.

The Spiral of Life was found in the remnants of an old temple from the Bronze Age in Ireland. The sign is drawn in one single line without beginning or end.

The circle, spiral and wheel are all powerful symbols representing the cycle of life, death and rebirth, including the seasons of the year.

This second pin is also part of the Swirling Energy Chakra series. It is a sister piece to the Swirling Energy Pendant Necklace and is designed as a lapel or scarf pin - for those who prefer a pin rather than a necklace. This pin was used in making the CD cover graphic for Elle's CD -- "Toning...A Journey toward Self-Discovery".

It is made of twisted and balled sterling silver that has been tumbled to a high polish. It has a simple twist pin fastener.

Then I decided to try my hand at making the heart pin in the March 2009 Art Jewelry edition. I made my pin a slightly smaller scale than published but I think it still turned out well!

It is made of wire wrapped sterling silver and has been oxidized and hand polished. I will most likely use this to build on my next Chakra series to go with Elle's second CD that I had the pleasure of being a part of -- "A Heart Centered Sound Experience".

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