Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Creativity other than with pliers and wire...♦

It looks like now is the time to have creativity spilling over into the house...My mother and sister are coming to visit later this month so we are renovating the Florida room to accommodate guests. It has been nothing but a storage area since we purchased this house 2 years ago. Between painting the walls, laying tile and making new sheer grommet hung window coverings, that room will be an entirely NEW space! My husband solved a dilemma I've been trying to come up with a solution to -- how to hang 16' of window coverings (on one wall!)...He came up with the idea of using copper pipe as a curtain rod (how kewl was that?!). I found copper grommets to match! Everything will turn a nice patina in time rather than RUST like everything out there seems to be doing. LOL

We are excited about it all and fortunately work is quiet enough to allow us to dive into this project. We painted the ceiling and walls Sunday and last night was taping and priming the trim. Hopefully today we will be able to get the trim painted and put the paint cans and equipment away so we can start laying tile! It will be close and a lot of work, but I think we can make it and be glad we did! The colors are nice and bright yet airy and will be great with the pool and palms in the back yard as the backdrop! I'm excited!


An update to the Florida Room progress!

This was the state of the space when we purchased the house (2 yrs ago)...kinda sad! We ripped out the carpet and busted out the tile (throughout the entire house)...this was definitely what one would consider a "fixer-upper"...

Well, here is the outcome of our efforts! I think it is the nicest room in the house so far!

Here is a nice night shot...You can see the pool and palms all lit up. I can't wait till summer!


  1. Oh, this sounds wonderful ! When can I visit ? ;-) The NH winter has been so long already !

    I am sure your guests will love it and I am sure you and your husband will be so proud of yourselves when it is done !
    Have fun with your decorating !

  2. THANKS! Oh my word -- NH winter! I think the warm FL weather has thinned my blood to water...If the temperature drops below 60 I'm piling on clothes and cranking up the heat! LOL
    The room is really coming together! It will be a nice guest room then will probably be our office...nothing like watching the duck chlorinator circling the pool while you work. LOL I found some crushed voile for curtains and have opted for ring clips rather than grommets so it's an easy breezy no sew window treatment for me! We started laying the tile tonight...I could not be more pleased! I'll have to post new pics once it is all finished up. =)

  3. OH MY GOSH!!! You Rock. I love, love , love the room. What a wonderful place to hang out. I love you! YOu are going to laugh sending you text picture of my new front room...check out the colors. KEWG in Oklahoma


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