Sunday, February 8, 2009

Inspirations - Elle's Energy Swirl

Lately, my jewelry pieces (many still in progress) have been inspired by the movement of energy I experience through Toning. Toning uses ancient tones focusing on the seven energy wheels (Chakras) located down the length of the spine to the top of the head.

Elle's Energy Swirl was inspired by a dear friend of mine, Elle. Each week Elle leads a collective group of individuals in Toning -- each person on their own Journey Toward Self-Discovery. Tones for Living is held every Friday at a local hospital chapel. For more information on weekly group meetings or booking a private consultation with Elle, check out her website and calender.

You can also see my Google Profile for more information on the CD I had the pleasure of being a part of with Elle -- "Toning...A Journey toward Self-Discovery".


  1. I really like the energy swirl and all the chakra jewelry you have been showing off. Nice blog. I can't keep up with mine. Keep up the growth.

    Chris from Oregon
    Christil Creations

  2. HI Kathryn, I wore the energy swirl pin today and I was asked where I got that wonderful "medallion". I think you have a winner. I want you to see how I wore it. It's better than a monogram on a t-shirt.
    Talk with you tomorrow. Godspeed, Elle

  3. That is awesome, Elle! I am going to see how many I can get made by Sunday for the workshop!


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