Friday, December 4, 2009

Weather and outdoor events...

Well, it was a little ironic that today's event that was canceled due to bad weather could have gone on after all. Mother Nature pitched her fit last night and it turned out to be a beautiful day today! A little chilly due to the cool front moving through, but nothing a hoodie and long pants couldn't handle.

The weather man is saying we are in for a weekend washout but we haven't heard anything about the 7th Annual Holiday in the Park two day event we are scheduled to participate in Friday and Saturday being called off. I guess we will get to live on the edge -- ride it out and see what happens! You just never really know about the weather sometimes. It can be spot on one day and miss ya completely the next. We will just have to "hide and watch" as my mother would say.

So, unless we are told otherwise, WE WILL be out there with tables adorned enjoying the festivities and conversation! We really do enjoy doing the events. We get to meet so many great folks and hang out in the fresh air for the day!

If you happen to be in the St. Petersburg/Pinellas Park, FL area Friday or Saturday, please feel free to stop by and check things out. There will be LOTS of things for children and adults alike!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. Maybe we'll even see a few of you stopping by our tables.

See you then!

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