Friday, December 18, 2009

First Juried Event Application!

I am sooooo excited! We submitted an application to our first juried two day event! It will be March 27th and 28th in Lake Park, FL.

The application process was nice -- submitted through a site called ZAPPlication (thanks to Jim Mackintosh for posting about it in his blog!). It is an awesome site for fellow Artisians' looking to apply to events. You fill out your profile and can upload up to 40 photos of your work and a booth photo. When you find an event you wish to participate in, you simply apply (it uses your profile information) and select the designated number of photos and a booth photo, pay via PayPal and you're done! No more filling out individual applications and sending expensive slides (I sound like their marketing director don't I? LOL).

At any rate, we are excited about the possibility of being able to participate. We are really enjoying doing events. Look out world -- I think we've got the bug!

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