Friday, March 27, 2009

His Promises - Salvation Plan

This is a custom piece I made for the upcoming birthday of a friend's daughter.

Each color represents an element of Salvation's Plan:
BLUE-Gifts of the Spirit
CLEAR-Forgiveness & Grace
GREEN-Promise of Eternal Life
GOLD-Streets of Heaven
VIOLET-His Hours of Suffering
PINK-Promise of a New Tomorrow
RED-Blood of Jesus

Cross is hand formed of 16ga SS, wrapped in 24ga SS, 16ga ring showcasing Swarovski Crystals wire wrapped with hand formed SS balled head pins. SS chain and toggle clasp complete the piece.

Necklace measures 18" plus 1 3/4" pendant.


  1. Kat:

    Beautiful idea. I have seen a bracelet done like this, but not a cross. By the way, comment thingee is still acting up.


  2. Thanks! The cross is a "Kat Original" ~ ME! =o)~ LOL I have done bracelets but I MUCH prefer the cross! I have it listed on my Etsy now and mom wants some for her Christian bookstore in Oklahoma.

    If you mean the comments opening up in a pop-up that's the only way I could get them to work for some reason...I don't like it but at least it works now! =)

  3. Oh I really like this one! Perfect for this time of year too.

  4. I really love this cross and the message with it. What a grand idea - I've never seen it before.


  5. Thanks, Anita and Joani!

    The colors and their respective meanings/representations are not original but they have been incorporated into an original design ~~ MINE! =o)~ Glad you like it!


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