Saturday, October 8, 2011

What has Kat been up to lately??

Don't pay the ransom!  I promise I am alive and still kick'n!  This has been quite a super busy past couple of months for me!  New thrills of adventure with exciting things happening and a bit of bittersweet agony of defeat (elbow, actually LOL)!  We've been working on our jewelry then while having fun skating with the grandsons I manage to fall and fracture my left arm.  Ever try making jewelry with a fractured arm?  Don't try it, it is NOT pleasant!  So, in the time of my healing and basically jewelry hiatus, I took on planning an arts and crafts event for our Friends of the Library (that I am the Vice President of)!  I had to have something to keep me busy while I heal, right?!  Well, I sure picked a doozie!  In fact, even the name is appropriate "Whale of a Tale" Arts and Crafts Sale...Ironic, huh?  LOL!  Little did I realize what a monstrosity of coordination it would entail.  But, with the insight of being a vendor in 50+ events, I think we have about every base covered with a few items added to the list for the NEXT event.  I was able to take our experience as vendors and add to the planning and coordination of our event!  How thrilling to come to realize that my previous experience has helped support a fundraising opportunity for our local library!  The next event planning will be even better because with the groundwork being laid with this one, we will be able to delegate to other board members -- now THAT will be AWESOME!  I have found that people enjoy being involved, the are just waiting for the opportunity to help!

So, if you are in the Claremore/Tulsa area this Saturday, October 15th, and would like to support local handcrafters, come on out and join us!  We would LOVE to be graced with your bright shining faces!

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