Saturday, April 9, 2011

800 Fan/Like Celebration Give-Away!

April showers bring May flowers.  On this sultry spring evening with storms looming about, it makes me think back on previous springtime experiences and fond memories:  fishing with dad and grandma; fishing and camping trips with David and the kids; the first peek of color after a long bleak winter; hunting Easter eggs -- a week after Easter LOL; fresh cut roses from grandma's rose bush to wear to church on Mother's Day!

Tell us about your fondest (most fond?) springtime memory to be entered in a drawing for our give-away!  You can share your comments here, but please see the Discussions tab 800 Fan Celebration thread on our Fan Page to leave your comment for official entry.

I will leave the posts open till Sunday afternoon, 4 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST).  Don't know what time it is in CST?  Click here for a handy converter.

Enjoy your stroll down memory lane -- I know we will!


  1. Spring time, growing up in the mountains of NC, always meant patches of daffodils. My brothers and I would pick literally hundreds of flowers and pass them out to all of our teachers! :)

  2. Such a beautiful memory, Danielle! I'm sure your folks and teachers were in awe of you and your brothers' kindness!

    Thank you for sharing here and on the discussions tab. I have you entered!

  3. My favorite spring-time memories are all about Easter - my Mama always made Easter super-special for us and all the other neighborhood kids. Easter baskets with each of our favorite things (including chocolate bunnies with the longest ears possible!), egg hunts that went across several yards and huge family dinners. The best was coloring eggs though - Mama's so artistic and we were always coming up with the most uniquely-colored eggs!


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