Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fun little afternoon project...

OK...so I've been eyeballing a bin of what was labeled at the bead shop as"Crab Fire Agate" (some call it "Spiderweb Carnelian") for a while now...Trying to conjure up a design for them. I spotted a herringbone focal bead bracelet yesterday and thought -- THAT'S IT! The beads are a smooth nugget but none of them are uniform or drilled in a fashion that would lend itself to how I normally construct a piece...so these made me have to think a little deeper than I normally would...It is a good thing!

The photos below are the outcome of my contemplation. I showed it to some ladies I meet with at the beach on Tuesday evenings and they all loved it! What do you think??

Crab Fire Agate (Spiderweb Carnelian) nuggets wire wrapped with a herringbone weave in sterling silver
Handcrafted double linked chain made of handcrafted sterling silver jump rings
Handcrafted clasp to complete the design

Measures approximately 9" (chunky nuggets call for longer length) but can be adjusted to fit

If you wish to purchase this item, please click here to be taken to the listing.


  1. I love these beads and how you dressed them up! :)))

  2. Thanks! I have quite a few of these beads (had 2 strands)...Just gotta figure out what to do with them! I love them and the different patters on them, but nuggets can be a bit of a challenge to wire wrap. :o\


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