Friday, June 5, 2009

Midnight oil...Freeform Brecciated Jasper Pendant

Well, it seems my muse is a night owl!
This is my latest attempt at wire wrapping a freeform cab.

Freeform 42mmx18mm Brecciated Jasper wire wrapped in 20ga dead soft square Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver chain
Tiger Eye Rondelles with Sterling spacer beads
Picture Jasper puff rectangles
Yellow Jade and Picture Jasper chips
Sterling lobster clasp and .925 tag

Overall dimensions:
Pendant 2 3/8"h x 1 1/4"w on a 20" long chain

Interested in purchasing this one of a kind necklace?
Brecciated Jasper Pendant, Tiger Eye, Yellow Jade and Picture Jasper


  1. If not sleeping made my wire wrapping look this good I wouldn't bother sleeping any more. LOL Really nice job! I love the heart!

  2. LOL Thanks so much! I'm glad you like it! The heart was my husband's idea.

    Sleep deprivation is not exactly the secret to productivity the next day though. LOL But for some reason inspiration strikes me when I should be going to bed! Oh well, it was worth it! :)

  3. Once again, Kat - beautiful work. Everything you do is exquisite. I especially like this. Anita p.s. I don't wake up and create in the middle of the night, but some of my most creative ideas seem to come in the morning when still half asleep - then I can't wait to get started.


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